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LeBron James outraged sports fans in northeast Ohio last week during an ESPN special, shamelessly declaring that he wanted to bring his talents to South Beach. The Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel in the first round, but he's not ready for the big time yet.

Some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the neighborhood, including the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the city, as well as some of the most popular sports venues in Cleveland.

Cleveland is located on the shores of Lake Erie, a member of the Great Lakes and with which it has a good reputation. Cleveland's professional sports teams include the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Indians, as well as the Ohio State University Browns and the University of Ohio Browns. Some of the best restaurants, restaurants and nightclubs in the city, including the most popular sports venues in Cleveland, such as Cleveland Arena, Ohio Stadium and Progressive Field. Cleveland's professional sports teams include the Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Cleveland has hosted the US Figure Skating Championships four times, the Winter Olympics six times, and the World Ice Hockey Championships twice. The facilities of Cleveland have hosted four World Ice Hockey Championships, as well as the National Hockey League (Cleveland Arena), Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians. The facility in Cleveland is host to the North American Ski Association (NACSA) Five times World Championships, the International Ice Sport Federation (IASF) Twice Winter Olympics, twice United Nations Winter Olympics and four World Figure Skating Championships.

Outdoor football is represented by the Cleveland Indoor Soccer League (CSL) and the Ohio Outdoor Soccer Association (OASA). Cleveland's first professional outdoor football team, Columbus Crew SC, began playing in 1992 and lasted until 2001.

Led by players who have become legendary to many Cleveland fans, the team beat the Baltimore Colts 27-0 in the first game of the season. Cleveland's hockey team won the Calder Cup in 1964, and the Monsters defeated the Hershey - born to become AHL champions and won it all in 1967 - 68. In 1968, they defeated New York City-born Hersheys 3-2 in a playoff game at Madison Square Garden in front of more than 1.5 million fans. They became NHL champions for the third time in four years and won the "Calder Cup."

In 1980, the Cleveland Brewers' women's football team joined the National Women's Football League and won the championship in 1983. The Cleveland Rosenblums dominated the original American Basketball League in the 1950s and 1960s, winning three championships in a row (1953-54, 1958-59, and 1959-60), and in 1962 the Cleveland Pipers, owned by George Steinbrenner, won a championship in the American Basketball League. In April 1994, they began the regular season game at Jacobs Field and the Cavaliers (CLEVELAND LUMBERJACKS) were inaugurated in the fall of 1994. Although it looked like the Indians would leave town for years after putting together their strongest team in years and scoring more than 500 points in each of those seasons, some Cleveland players came in droves.

When Ted Green led the Case School to a national football championship in 1902, the blacks marched into Cleveland (see AFRICANS). Participation in suburban sports increased, and football became a popular team sport, and the Wolsteins organized CLEVELAND FORCE to capitalize on that enthusiasm and attract a metropolitan audience.

Cleveland only had to stop Denver quarterback John Elway throwing for 98 yards for a touchdown, and attendance was restored, preventing the team from leaving Cleveland and losing its major league status. The Fox Sports Ohio team brought in nearly twice as many fans as Cleveland, though not nearly as many fans were in the arena this year.

Fox Sports Ohio is still trying to find a way to let Gray speak, but for now it won't be part of its coverage. Michael Carr and Gray will air from the Cleveland studio, and the production of Roadgames will be produced by Fox Sports Cleveland and its sister channel FOX Sports West.

Mike "Mr. Know - it - all" Trivasano is worth listening to, if you don't talk about Cleveland politics, which seems to occupy about 60-70% of the show. The locals make mockery better than anyone, and in fact mockery seems to go hand in hand with Cleveland. Rizzo takes aim at players and teams who are doing badly, seemingly ignoring the voices of ordinary Cleveland fans.

It should come as no surprise that sports betting is very popular with Cleveland residents and seeing games is a must if you are visiting during the season. Cleveland has three professional sports teams and is known for being a sports city with a high recreational value. The kids love the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Cavaliers, two of the best teams in the league.

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