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There are restaurants in Ohio City that offer much more than typical bar fare, and each has a polished décor that suits everyone. This elegant downtown venue is one of the most popular spots in the city center and offers a wide selection of craft beers, wines and cocktails.

It is the perfect combination of Cleveland restaurants and you can enjoy a variety of dishes from the menu of the restaurant, which specializes in a wide range of meats, cheeses, sandwiches, salads, desserts and more.

Also located in Ohio City, this is the perfect place to spend an evening sipping wine and eating. Bar with one of the best views of downtown Cleveland, so take time to check out the bar before or after dinner. There's plenty to do and read about to explore other great patios in Cleveland later in the day.

This may sound like a strange first suggestion, but the Hofbrauhaus is one of the best places in downtown Cleveland to have a great view of the Cleveland skyline. Just blocks from the Ohio State University campus, this is the perfect place to watch people sail their boats past, or perhaps enjoy a sunset at Cleveland's largest terrace restaurant. It is easy to understand what makes this restaurant so popular with Cleveland residents and tourists, and it is a perfect place to spend an evening with friends.

Tucked away in the picturesque rooms of Great Lakes Brewing, Karen Small's Ohio City Restaurant is a creative and comfortable space. What makes this restaurant one of the best in Cleveland is the amazing service and attention to detail. Don Pomeroy House is considered by some to be the only - or kind - bar and restaurant in downtown Cleveland, and these are just a few of the reasons. It offers great food, great service, great views of the Cleveland skyline and great beers.

The West Side Market may not be a restaurant, but that's the point: the home-style cuisine from the South gets a modern touch. Morton's Cleveland has maintained its bar stamp - at everyone's expense - after soaring in popularity since it opened.

The whole street on Euclid is basically a large terrace, and every restaurant here offers outdoor seating. The place not only acts like a fabulous mural restaurant, but is also a great place to sip margaritas and choke tacos. Created by two Brazilian chefs who wanted to bring authentic Brazilian food and drink to Cleveland, this place offers meaty, delicious Brazilian dishes that you will love - and that you won't leave until you taste the caipirinha.

In 2015, it's almost impossible to experience the flavors of Brazil without being here, but if you want to meet friends and cool off on a warm day, this is the best courtyard in Cleveland. We'd be forgiven for talking about the best terraces in Cleveland, if we didn't mention this jewel in Ohio City. The South Side also deserves a reputation - after an outdoor dinner, it's a great place to eat under the shade of a tree or on the terrace of one of the city's most popular restaurants, Pierogi.

In summer, it is one of the best places to dine in Cleveland, with great food, great service and great views of the Cleveland skyline.

The menu at Blue Point Grill is filled to the gills with sea treats, including oysters, lobster, salmon and more. Here you can enjoy a delicious fish dinner with Maine lobster and Lake Erie whale. Asian fusion food is hard to find, but if you're in Cleveland, you should look no further than Parallax. Try some incredible food, from panko - crusted lamb chops to their spicy pork belly and spicy chicken wings.

The gyros are simple, but the best part is that you can watch the chef prepare them right in front of you, and all the ingredients come straight from Ohio Amish Country.

This place is also known for having one of the best courtyards in Cleveland, so you can enjoy great views of Lakewood and the Ohio State University campus from the terrace. This eatery in Lakewood, on the west side of Cleveland, has always served some of its best dishes, from Cajun fried perch to shrimp and grains. Cajuns fries are a taste of New Orleans and the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

The menu is economical and ranges from oysters to fried whole fish, striped perch, beer-peeled cod and grilled octopus. Although this restaurant is located in the city of Cleveland and the Cleveland metropolitan area, it is amazing to go into the open kitchen where the clam makes the cake. This list is not a particular order, but all of these restaurants are located in Cleveland or the major areas of Cleveland.

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