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Jane and I have just returned from Cleveland, Ohio, where we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel where Jane stayed. Located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the Ohio State University campus, this is one of Cleveland's most popular tourist attractions. From the steps near the center, visitors can access some of the most notable attractions, including the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Great Lakes Science Center and the Quickening Center.

Joggers, hikers and nature lovers will also appreciate Cleveland Metroparks Acacia Reservation, located next to Legacy Village. The hotel is also just a few blocks from Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is located to the south. If national parks don't look like you're trying to get there together, or if you're trying to visit as many of them as possible, it's great to have a hotel like this nearby.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is just 12 km away, and you will find many desirable restaurants and shops. The restaurant is within walking distance of the hotel, which is also easily accessible by car, so it is only a few minutes drive before you reach it. They say that you can't go to any of them or ride a bike, but they are all easily accessible by car.

The Hyatt Place beds are always incredibly comfortable, and Cleveland Independence is no exception. I # Ve had slept in one of the hotel beds for weeks in the past, with a good portion of comfort and convenience. Of course, I would advise you to give this house a wide berth and not to recommend anyone to stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel during a visit to Cleveland.

The blankets are extremely comfortable, and if you don't use the sofa bed yourself, it can be turned into a blanket during your stay at Hyatt Places. It's so much fun to get back together after all these years and it's always a great experience.

If I return to the Cleveland area in the future, I would have no problem staying in this property again. Still, it would be nice to stay in downtown Cleveland after the pandemic. Guests who take the short walk from the Tower to the city center will be happy to take it and don't forget to stop by the Hyatt Place Hotel when you're done.

Business and leisure travelers traveling to downtown Cleveland will appreciate the hotel's convenient access to Interstate 271. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get from Cleveland, depending on traffic, but that's not so bad. Hyatt Place Cleveland Independence is located just blocks from the Ritz - Carlton Cleveland Hotel and is a convenient place to stop on the highway. Guests staying at the Ritzer Carlton, Cleveland have access to the hotel parking lot, restaurant and bar from Interstate 71.

I started adding a COVID 19 section to my hotel reviews because I thought it would be interesting to see how things differ from hotel to hotel. I was in Airbnb most of the time in March and then found that my room wasn't of the standard I'd ever stayed in. Honestly, I haven't seen much of the city yet, as many attractions there are less attractive at the moment due to COID 19, but I would be interested to know how Hyatt Place Cleveland Independence would handle that.

So I booked a hotel near Cleveland, which is near Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Twice I had the misfortune to go all the way to my room only to find that my electronic room key did not operate the lock, and this led to me coming out of the lobby each time. The reception must have given me a separate key that I could use when I was in the time slot. I was able to open the gym and the swimming pool doors with the room keys as usual.

Around the hotel there are a reasonable number of green spaces, and there is ample parking in the parking lot if you stay there. This is because Hyatt Place Cleveland Independence was a Category 1 property, meaning you'll only get 5,000 points per night through the World of Hyatts program. There are no parking charges, just a parking charge, but it would be good if you did not actually get charged the fee.

Whether you are looking for an intimate event or a civil wedding, the professional Hyatt staff has created a unique and exceptional space that is perfect for you. Check-in is 12 noon, check-out is 3 pm and for more information and reservations visit Http: / / clevelandlyndhurst - place - / or call toll-free 1-800-993-4751. Stephanie will be available to provide sales and support services to travelers visiting the Cleveland Lyndhurst Legacy Village area. For more information about the hotel, call (440) 662-5555 or visit https: / / www.facebook. / / / hotel

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