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The Pierogies, Kibbasa and Corn Beef are among the best in the nation and have long been firmly in control of the city's restaurant scene. Pierogi Palace is located at West Side Market, and the taco stand at La Plaza Supermarket serves one of Cleveland's best-kept secrets: its taco tacos. I grew up in Cleveland, where there used to be a barbecue in Parmageddon, melting cheese, melting cheese, grilled cheese. There is a grilled - cheese - in - a - bag - with - bacon - and - cheddar - on - top - of - corn - beef - at - the - pierogi - Palace - Cleveland - area - only restaurant.

If there's one standby meal in Cleveland I can't resist, it's the duck confit spätzle at Fire & Shaker. My favorite dish in town is the chicken wings stuffed in the Siam Cafe, and there is one dish that recently found its way to Flying Fish, a new restaurant on the east side of Cleveland.

Tommy Cheese Danish makes you want to beat someone, and the pina colada at Spotted Owl is not your run-of-the-mill pineapple drink. I would behave, but I must say that this is one of my favorite beers from Cleveland-based Platform Beer Co. has so many great beers in the barrel that it would trigger a panic attack.

This is one of the most incredible things I have ever heard and it is by far the best thing to experience in most Vietnamese restaurants. They recently added this Parma favourite to their Drive Thru, which is served in the Drive Througe. It's a great beer, but not as good as the beer brewed in their pub, the beer I'm most looking forward to.

This fast-casual version of the Aladdin Eatery in Ohio City has its own flaka - its own rolled out - with a variety of toppings. With rotating sliders, chilled wraps (not to mention Pierogis, we're still in Cleveland), the Filled Sun-powered restaurant lives up to its name. They serve a wide selection of salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, salads and more, all served in a small open space at the back of the restaurant.

Try the decadent milk chocolate filled with salty pretzel pieces or the Buckeye chocolate - filled peanut butter that is a staple in Ohio because you really can't miss it.

The Black Pig in Ohio City is a classic sandwich made from black beans and cheese with a side of peanut butter and a jelly sandwich.

One of my favorite dishes in Cleveland is French onion egg rolling at graffiti, and it seems like you can get that anywhere. This is one of the first Cajun dishes I had in Cleveland, reminding me of my home in Baton Rouge, LA. They are stuffed crab claws, stuffed chicken wings, fried chicken, chicken and pork ribs, shrimp and grains. Don't mess with corn on beef if you have it in Ohio City, as the Cleveland chef and restaurant owner has noted.

Cleveland Corned Beef is located on the west side, on the square at the corner of Pearl and Brookpark Road. Try the classic corned beef and rye bread, served towering over cucumber spears. Italian treats, called lobster tails, that make up the difference between the two desserts, are available in many places in Cleveland, but I haven't found them in Ohio City yet.

Some of my favorite natives grew up in Northeast Ohio and now supply beer to 13 other states, some of which already exist. Cleveland and neighboring Lake County, as well as the city of Cleveland itself, also have a significant Mexican population, including grocery stores and restaurants such as La Mexicana.

If you're longing for a healthy, culturally appropriate meal in Cleveland, Lake County, or the rest of Northeast Ohio, check out if it's available near you. You can also explore restaurants that will be delivered to your address by choosing "Italian" in the category of cuisine. Corner stores usually lack the opportunity to buy healthy and culturally appropriate food, so make sure you visit the 30-odd Cleveland stores. According to the US Census Bureau, 35.4% (3.3%) live in poverty, up from 26.5% in 2010.

Looking at the restaurant reviews of Uber Eats users and comparing them to the average restaurant rating in Cleveland, which is 4.5, can also help you get a sense of a restaurant's popularity. City Hall is popular for dinners, Hong Kong cuisine is popular for Chinese, and Blue Habanero is common for Mexicans, who light up the places to eat that are popular with UberEats users in Cleveland. There's Yelp Cleveland, which identifies companies in the soul food category and ranks them by points based on a number of factors, including ratings that mention keywords.

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