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Cleveland has killed the beer scene, and its ice hockey team remains one of the most popular sports franchises in the United States. In '88, the Cleveland Brewing Company, now part of the Great Lakes Brewing Co., paved the way for craft breweries.

But most outsiders don't know what Cleveland really rocks, and we're not talking about certain overpriced museums. There are usually so many great things about Cleveland that are only around during the holiday season. Book a vacation on foot to see the many decorations in downtown, or if your family prefers a more scenic and relaxed trip, take the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, which takes you to the beautiful Cayuga Valley for a scenic ride through one of Cleveland's most beautiful neighborhoods.

The Museum of the House of Christmas Stories is open for guided tours all year round, but the Christmas season is definitely the preferred time of year to visit. Christmas activities are as much part of Cleveland as the weather, and Christmas activities are one of the most popular holiday activities in the city.

Lakewood, Ohio - CityArcade's board games are back when paired with beer, and the show is sure to be particularly popular for the 2020 Christmas season. The Cleveland Museum of Art, recently ranked as one of the best in America, is also a pretty cool place to celebrate. Cleveland has plenty of off-the-beaten track events to choose from. Just book online in advance for the Old Brooklyn Hofbrauhaus at the Brooklyn Centre, which is a lot of fun. Visit the 100-year-old Rowley's Inn for a night of music, food and fun in the city's oldest inn. This show is open to all ages, from children from 5 years old to adults 65 years and older.

Even if you're not a bookworm, it's hard not to be impressed by the temple to learn what the main section of the Cleveland Public Library looks like. OH - USAFrom dinosaurs to diamonds, this museum is a traditional interactive gallery that shows children of all ages the history of science, technology, technology, art and mathematics (STEM) in the United States and around the world. From dinosaurs and diamonds to jewelry and more, the museum is the site of a series of traditional and interactive galleries featuring children of all ages, from fossils and fossils to precious stones and more.

If you are looking for a unique place to enjoy ethnic cuisine and a bit of nature at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, you can find information right on your doorstep. If you're ready to head to Cleveland for a little, there are plenty of other holiday destinations - topics you can enjoy too.

We have already mentioned the igloo village coming to Merwin's pier for Winter RiverFest, but there is a new way to start your adventure. There is even a place where you can rent private igloos for $10 a night at the Cleveland Ice Creamery and Lounge.

Visit Made in Cleveland Holiday Pop-up in Coventry Village on select days and buy handmade goods from local manufacturers. Visit the "Made in Ohio Cleveland" holiday popups at the Cleveland Ice Creamery and Lounge on Friday and Saturday nights. Shop for homemade goods from local manufacturers on selected days in Covent Garden Village while attending the made in CLE made - in - Cleveland holidays.

Live music, food trucks, crafts, craft beer and wine from local breweries and more at Cleveland Ice Creamery and Lounge.

The event also includes live music, food trucks, crafts, craft beer and wine from local breweries and more at Cleveland Ice Creamery and Lounge.

If you can't find anything to enjoy at the Mahall, Lakewood's oldest bowling center, then you couldn't ask for better. This pinball place in Cleveland had the same kind of fun as the pizza delivery you loved in the 1990s.

If you like jazz even a little, Nighttown is a must on your Cleveland itinerary. If you are looking for a unique venue for your next event and need it, we invite you to consider this one - or - friendly concert venue in the heart of the city's music scene. Cedar Fairmount If you're just enjoying a cool - like - hell music location and you liked jazz, even the little bits, or you've just enjoyed some cool, damn music locations in and around Cedar - Fair MountIf you're just enjoying jazz or jazz - and - blues or rock'n'roll or hip-hop or any other kind of music in or around Cedar Park in Lakewood or on the South Side of Cleveland

Apartments We have the rivers and lakes of Cleveland, and visitors should take advantage of them, but we are the first to forget all the food, drink and fun in the city. We get the waterways of the city, from the Cleveland River to the Ohio River and from Lake Erie to Lake Park to Cleveland Lakefront Park. Rivers, lakes and Cleveland are getting their fair share of attention from tourists and locals alike. Sign up for our daily Cleveland email here and for the latest news, weather, events and more, sign up here.

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