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Cleveland State University basketball is one of the better - if not the best - kept secrets in college basketball. Ohio looks like it, and that says a lot about how the game is changing.

Cleveland State University's campus is located on the university's campus and is home to one of the best basketball programs in Ohio State. Cleveland State's men's and women's basketball teams, as well as the women's, are among the nation's best in their respective conferences, but there is much more at stake.

Eastern Illinois gave Cleveland State everything it could handle in the first half as the Vikings held Eastern Illinois to just 12 points in the first three minutes of play. The middle third of the court was filled with three-point shooters and a handful of tall men and women. After shooting 739% from the field in an opening and semifinal game, Cleveland State began with a 75-55 victory over Kent State, where they defeated the Golden Flashes. Next up for Cleveland State was the Flames of Illinois-Chicago, who lost 71-44 to the Minnesota Vikings in front of 7,000 fans.

Cleveland State put in a solid performance, going 2-2 in the league with a .500, but fell to 0-8. Overall and 1-3 in the conference game, which looms for the near future. The loss leaves Cleveland State at 8-2, 1.5 points behind Purdue, which has dropped from 0-8 to 8. (-0.6) and 2 points ahead of Eastern Illinois.

Ohio State (8-1), Purdue (7-2) and Eastern Illinois (6-3) are the top three in Ohio.

The first stop for the Vikings was Northern Illinois, which gave them everything they could handle and more as they battled hard for a 73-68 victory. Cleveland State picked up the pieces and began a four-game winning streak, refusing to settle for a narrow loss to Ohio State. As for Hoosiers, St. Joseph's couldn't match the way the Minnesota Vikings played, which condemned them to a 75-69 victory that they held on to and deservedly made it to the round of 16.

The Vikings won their next three games and met the number two-seeded Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor. Cleveland State advanced to the second round with a 19-3 record, beating the Panthers to celebrate their 20th win of the season. Cleveland State met the Royals from Ohio State in the quarterfinals.

The third-seeded Hoosiers, coached by Bobby Knight, fell victim to the Vikings' run and run style as Cleveland State stunned them 83-79. Cleveland will face 14th-seeded Indianapolis, Indiana, in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

The Vikings swept the road trip and opened their eyes with a 99-95 loss to the Buckeyes. Cleveland State recovered by beating Utica 92-61 at home and increased its record to 9-2 before embarking on a three-game road trip that included two conference games to open the AMCU 8-A game. Also on the casualty list was DePaul, whom Cleveland State defeated 87-77 in the first game of a home-and-home series.

After the Vikings won 8-7 in 2019, all signs point to this team being even better in 2020. Purdue held Cleveland State from the 5: 00 mark to the end of the game on 2-of-7 shooting. The Mastodons' defense was strong in the first game, forcing Cleveland State to seven turnovers in the first quarter. Although Marquette did not have nearly half of its team and only four players in the roster in that game, Cleveland and State's victory over the Golden Eagles helped the AMCU's record in 8-A games to 9-2.

A match against the Buckeyes would ease the burden of Cleveland State's loss to the Pandemic, and fans should seize the opportunity. In summary, Viking games are designed more for family fun than for a collegial atmosphere. Tailgate with a Viking bowl, toast a glass of the Minnesota Vikings, get ready for your next guard party and cheer on the Vikings.

In addition, this full-day event is a great opportunity to attend Cleveland State University's Viking Football Camp and experience a free camp. The registration fee includes a full day of camp activities, a Viking bowl and access to the Viking bowl.

CSU travels to Ohio University to face the Bobcats on Krenzler Field on Saturday, November 4 at 7 p.m. It is being held at the leading - and marginal - art K Renzlers Field, located on the campus of Cleveland State University. CSU's first-ever home game against Ohio State will be on Friday, September 9, and will be the opening game of a four-game road trip to the premier Cleveland Field that has been on the Cleveland University campus for four years.

Cleveland State enters the game after a 75-62 loss to Wright State, its third consecutive loss in the North American professional league.

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