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The Orange Art Center (OAC) is looking for a qualified art teacher to teach in the newly renovated studio in Oac. The Greater Cleveland Arts Alliance wants to hire a visionary and innovative leader to be the first - ever - director of arts education at the Orange Arts Center. O AC receives class proposals from artists who teach in the following disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, ceramics, music, dance, theater and film.

If you are an experienced art teacher who would like to join the Orange County School District staff, (OCSD) Arts Center, please send your bio, resume and class proposal to artcenter @

The SMARTS accountant works directly with the President of the SMARETS Circle and Treasurer to record and account for all expenditure, revenue and financial matters. If you are an experienced model who would like to join the Orange County School District Staff, (OCSD) Arts Center, please send your biography, resume and reference to artcenter @

We pool data based on annual trend lines to obtain more reliable results with limited sample size. We pool the data year by year to get a more complete picture of the state of employment and employment trends in the region. We also pool data each year to get more accurate data on the number of jobs in each state and the percentage of vacancies.

The research dramaturge will be responsible for speaking to playwrights by phone (zoom in) to discuss research issues, identify and track research results and contacts, and identify, track and collect research results in a clear, engaging and accessible format that can inform and inspire. The Technical Director should be a skilled craftsman who offers a high standard of service. We are currently looking for someone who is interested in working with children and adults. Ideal candidates are those who have proven their strong ability to make clear and subsequent decisions in an appealing, accessible and informative format.

The Executive Director will take strategic and operational leadership to guide the newly formed organization to relevance and impact on the community. The UUCA's Digital Communications Coordinator will collect, curate, broadcast and maintain the Church's media content, maintain social media, collect and disseminate church media content, maintain our website, and manage, manage and control our digital media efforts. He or she will work to realize the vision and potential for breakthrough cooperation.

The research coordinator for research and development at UUCA will focus on research in the fields of education, health, social justice and social and economic development.

The paper analyzes the youth labor market in Cleveland by comparing the employment status of young people in the city over three recent three-year periods, ending in 2013-2015, the most recent data available. Most younger people who go to school also work, but there is a larger proportion of students who work than students. That proportion is higher when there are far fewer job opportunities than when students are not working, the newspaper said. Young Clevelanders who analyzed and actively searched for jobs in the three - most recent - years from 2013 to 2015, but did not find them.

Today, more young workers are having to seek work in sectors that are less well-off, such as education, health care, transport, and housing. We must now take steps to ensure that jobs for young people in Cleveland and throughout Ohio provide decent wages and opportunities for their families. A slow increase in the Ohio minimum wage to $15 by 2025 would give younger workers a big boost. The introduction of a carefully graded minimum wage - at $15 an hour nationwide - and the elimination of tiered partial wages is an important policy that ensures that everyone who works for a living can earn a living - not just those with a college degree or less. A minimum wage of $10 a day and 15 hours is a crucial first step, but it is also a step in the right direction.

A career path that includes stackable references would fit existing trends in how young people engage in the labor market and increase the long-term returns that their efforts generate. These opportunities include programs - based sectors such as manufacturing, industrial start-ups - that build recognized credentials that make them stackable, and support for community colleges that provide first-generation students with adequate OCOG funding.

Restructuring the safety net for SNAP and TANF to eliminate eligibility - the traps could help young workers. The SNAP Skills program, which allows recipients to meet work requirements through training, could reduce hunger and extreme poverty.

More is needed to address structural problems that limit opportunities in the labour market and marginalise workers, particularly those of colour. Building a thriving economy that shares prosperity across the board is crucial, especially for young workers. Young workers are likely to be at the lower end of the income spectrum during their school leaving years.