Cleveland, Ohio


With the population of 2,055,612 people Cleveland is a major city in the state of onia and 51st largest city in the United States of America. Due to its location on the shore of Lake Erie, it is connected to numerous canals and railroad line, which helped it to became a manufacturing centre.


  • CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART: Huge & beautiful buildings are renowned for the quality and breath of collections, which is around 45,000 objects.
  • SEVERANCE HALL: This is one of the most beautiful places with unbelievably good music and you can just relax and enjoy.
  • CLEVELAND METROPARKS: This will make your urban metro experience special. They provide wonderful summer beaches right in the city and can enjoy live music.
  • ROCK RIVER RESERVATION: Many places are there for shopping and enjoying the fresh air. Full of information & easy walking trails.
  • LAKE VIEW CEMETARY: A historical cemetery with the beautiful scenery. View of cloud from the top is magnificent.


  • STEVE’S GYROS: The gyro’s have excellent meat with huge portion. The stand usually has long line but people don’t hesitate to wait because it is worth the wait.
  • BLUE POINT GRILLE: They offer a good selection of sea food like raw oyster and good fishes. The menu is good with sea food and steaks.
  • GREAT LAKE BREWING COMPANY: Great for outside dinning. Don’t leave without trying their cleveland jab. Great foods and great beers.
  • SLYMAN’S DELI: An old school joint offers best sandwiches with meat. They have best corned beef sandwich and you will just love it.